• dj_ez (1)

    DJ EZ chats Pure Garage, Gadgets & a 73 Day Z-UNCUT Subbie Set

    On Sunday 27th of July DJ EZ returns to Sub Club with his Garage sound and bass-ic beat down. The highly touted Tottenham DJ cut…

    11:17 • 25 Jul 14

  • Thunder Disco Club - Hope Telford Likes It - Subculture Mix

    Thunder Disco Club – Hope Telford Likes It – Subculture Mix

    Hailing from the Democratic Republic of Feel Good Thunder the duo accept the invitation to slip into a little Saturday night fever with us tonight.…

    15:57 • 24 Jul 14

  • tracks

    Break Sweat

    At last #Glasgow is up and running for the 20th #CommonwealthGames. As an institution with an international outlook and love of sweaty camaraderie we’re pleased…

    09:25 • 24 Jul 14

  • Moxie Use

    Moxie’s Six Sub Rosa Selects

    For tonight Sub Rosa are joined once again by Kentish Town girl Alice Moxom aka Moxie. Not content with running East London’s Deviation night with…

    13:10 • 23 Jul 14

  • Jazz Things

    Rebecca Vasmant on Modal & all the Jazz

    Modal! will be inviting a series of guests who are perhaps better known for their talents within electronic music but all share a real passion…

    16:38 • 22 Jul 14

  • 10561018_681600925242519_235847944_n

    21:52 • 19 Jul 14

  • 10507998_276500579200059_1258551950_n

    20:27 • 17 Jul 14

  • Ibiza Jasper 1

    Jasper James’s top Ibiza picks

    For those who don’t know the young man, Jasper James recently released his debut EP on the highly regarded Optimo Trax label, gathering up some…

    14:16 • 17 Jul 14


    Grime Scene Investigation with Inkke, Milktray & Greenman

    As the residents Beta and Kappa take the night off they place the ever able Inkke, Milktray & Greenman at the helm. Expect hip-hop, expect…

    14:00 • 15 Jul 14

  • 914411_1507944046090696_2123531690_n

    19:57 • 10 Jul 14

  • RUbix features

    Rubix Homegrown Selections

    Tomorrow Rubix returns to the Sub Club with two of Glasgow's finest prodigies; Offbeat & Kunst alumni Joe McGhee and Kris Bell. Ahead of the…

    11:40 • 9 Jul 14