Ben Pearce chats with Show about goals, football tops, tunes and Glasgow juice.

Ahead of his return to the Sub Club, we caught up with Ben Pearce about football, goals, strips, upcoming music producers and Glasgow town. To keep it simple we asked him to share some of his favourite 5s…

First Up Ben’s best all time football goals:

Solskjaer ’99 Champions League final: (Here’s the last 3 minutes…)

What is there really to explain about this as a United fan, or indeed a football fan, amazing moment.

Rooney Overhead kick vs City Feb 2011:

Funny thing was I was watching this with two City fans, mates at the time, I literally threw my beer everywhere.

Arsenal vs Norwich 19th Oct 2013:

I was watching this game & it was just a fantastic goal, brilliant team work.

Ronaldinho for Barcelona against Chelsea in ’05:

One of the most entertaining ever players to watch & whilst he’s scored some beauties, this one stood out in memory… amazing.

Thierry Henry vs Leeds 9th Jan 2012:

This is really the only goal from a team that wasn’t my own that I celebrated properly, his statue being outside the ground, only been on the pitch something like 10 minutes & he does this… best striker that has ever graced the Prem & one of the coolest blokes in football. (bar Pirlo!)

Here’s a sneaky shot of Ben himself taking a penalty at Sonar 5s…

Ben Pearce Football

Ben’s top 5 football strips of all time:

Man United 96/98 Home – My first United kit, Solskjaer on the back, loved it. 

shirt 1

Man United 95/96 Away: The hilarious invisible kit, definitely didn’t help when I was playing hide n seek with mates!

shirt 2

Chelsea 2012/13 Away: I know it’s annoying to love another Prem’s kit, but that season Adidas smashed it, can’t wait to have them making our kits next year!

shirt 3

CD Lugo 2013/14 Home: It’s a pint of beer inspired football kit, what more do you want!

shrit 4

Croatia Euro 2012 Away: I’ve always had a soft spot for Croatia’s kits, this one is a beaut.


His top 5 upcoming producers / ones to watch:

Real Connoisseur



Jasper James



His top 5 reasons for liking the Sub Club and Glasgow:

Truly one of the best sound-systems I’ve ever heard.


Pounding on the ceiling is so much better than just hands in the air.

Bucky makes everyone mental, atmosphere is probably the best I’ve ever played to.

Such a rich music scene, labels, DJ wise & of course the residents are the stuff of legend.

The accent!!!

Thanks to Ben for this nice feature.
Catch him alongside Illyus & Theo Kottis on Thursday for Show’s launch party.

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For those of you can’t wait till then, here’s some listening via Rinse FM:

10:34 • 12 Aug 14