“The music still batters the senses, pushing boundaries, constantly reinventing and setting the tone for what’s coming round the next corner. This is the space where underground clubs really exist, breaking new music, creating new energies, inspiring new ideas, and forging new friendships all along the way.” Mike Grieve, Managing Director

    After thirty years of partying in the ‘dear green place’ that is Glasgow, the Sub Club still resides deep below ground at number 22 Jamaica Street.

    Week in, week out, you can find the cream of the city’s music makers playing to the best people the city can muster on the finest sound system you will hear in Scotland, or pretty much anywhere in the world for that matter.

    Joining them are DJs and artists from all corners of the planet, enthused by the reputation that the club, hand in hand with it’s hedonists, has built over years. Regularly voted amongst the best clubs in the world and revered by regulars, visitors, DJs and musicians the world over, it has maintained a reputation that promises no prejudice and no limits when it comes to enjoying great music.

    The Subbie has the finest house DJs in the city as residents at the flagship Saturday night Subculture, which is now the longest running weekly house and techno club night on the planet. Incredibly, apart from jointly hosting Subculture since it’s inception in 1994, Harri has been a regular DJ at the club since 1985 and Domenic since 1992. Harri was also weekly resident at Atlantis with Slam alongside from 1990 – 1994, making his own unbroken Saturday night residency 27 years long – but who’s counting?

    Combine this with other local heroes such as Sensu, Optimo, Slam, Numbers, Animal Farm, The i AM, Huntleys & Palmers, Thunder Disco, Don’t Drop, Show and you have a collection of the best underground talent Glasgow has to offer, all dedicated to sound tracking your night-out in their own original and inimitable styles.


  • Former Lucifers night club re-opens as Sub Club 01/04/1987

  • JOY featuring Stuart and Orde (SLAM) opens weekly Friday night 06/1989

  • Atlantis launches as new Saturday night with resident djs Harri, Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle 07/04/1990

  • Subculture launches following final Atlantis party with residents Harri, Domenic and Oscar Fullone 09/04/1994

  • Friday night club The Yard launches with residents Stuart McCorisken and Gareth Sommerville 07/04/1995

  • new layout of club with 2nd bar in new back room and sticky carpet removed 14/06/1997

  • ‘Subculture’ album released mixed by Harri 29/09/1997

  • Closing party for Aqua Planet Sundays – residents Mark Ryal, Simon Coulson and Paul Fegan with Derrick May, Claude Young and Blake Baxter live 09/1997

  • Optimo (Espacio) launches with Twitch & Wilkes 11/1997

  • Fire next door closes club for 3 years 21/11/99

  • ‘Subversion’ album released mixed by Domenic 06/2000

  • Sub Club re-opens opening party features Harri, Domenic, JD Twitch & JG Wilkes, Kenny Hawkes, Larry Heard and Brett Dancer 22/11/2002

  • The new ‘Body Kinetic’ dance floor gets it’s first road test with Derrick Carter at the wheel 24/03/2006

  • week long 20th anniversary party featuring Roy Ayers, Karl Bartos, Sugar Hill Gang, Louis Vega, Barbara Tucker, Kerri chandler, Monique and Liquid Liquid 04/2007

  • Sensu begins Friday residency 12/2007

  • Sub Club ’20 Years Underground’ double CD released with mixes by Harri & Domenic and Optimo 04/2008

  • Sub Club 25th anniversary party featuring Harri and Domenic 31/03/2012

  • Subculture celebrates 19 years with Harri Domenic and DJ Sneak 04/04/2013