Sun 05 April

Day of the Jaguar: Easter Sunday Loft Party at Sub Hub

On Easter Sunday, Sub Hub are teaming up with Night of the Jaguar to bring you a free, all day, family friendly multimedia event with DJ’s, live bands, sound installation, live visuals, a film screening, food, a bar and some extra experiential treats.

Night of the Jaguar will be transforming the loft to throw the second instalment of Day of the Jaguar. On the day expect a family friendly atmosphere, great street food courtesy of Devils Deli & NO WAY BACK, the Sub Hub bar and…


Night of the Jaguar

Andrew (Huntley’s & Palmers)

MWX (Maxi Dance Pool/Magic Waves)


WHILST (Optimo Music)


The NOTJ team have been working hard to build an interactive musical sculpture forest that will be live and at your disposal to experiment with. Perfect for kids and grown-ups alike!

Live Visuals:

Bespoke Visuals made by RSA New Contemporary artist Tim Dalzell

Film Screening:


Elektro Moskva (Electro Moscow) is an essayistic documentary about the Soviet electronic age and its legacy that tells the story of Russian electronic music since the 1920s. Directed by Elena Tikhonova and Dominik Pritzendorfer, Elektro Moskva touches on a diversity of stories, from the invention of the world’s first electronic instrument by Leon Theremin in 1928, through avant grade musicians of the 1970s, to modern day circuit-benders in cramped Moscow flats. the story of Soviet synthesisers as an allegory to the everyday life under the Soviet system: nothing works, but you have to make the best of it. An electronic fairytale about the inventive spirit of the free mind inside the iron curtain and beyond.

Watch the trailer HERE.



(Donations will be welcomed to cover the cost of the installation and film screening. Any excess will be distributed among the artists.)

Night of the Jaguar is a monthly party at the Art School in Glasgow, organised by residents Mister TC, Dino, Eugene & Mason. The party has been going since February of 2014, bringing in bands and DJs from as far afield as New York and Accra. As a collective they put on events that are at once accessible and interesting. Night of the Jaguar is a dance party, soundtracked by a mix of great and unusual sounds from all over the place, as well as innovative production that transforms the space, with their signature patterned fabrics and visuals.