Huntleys + Palmers presents DJ Sotofett

Huntleys + Palmers are delighted to welcome the return of DJ Sotofett to Glasgow for the first time in ages and he’s all set for playing the whole night, uninterrupted. Book this Monday off! H+P’s main man Andrew gave us a quick introductory run down on this week’s special guest.

In these modern times when we’re updated with our favourite DJ’s latest Faceswapping antics, it’s pretty impressive that there’s not much to go on with the mysterious yet prolific DJ Sotofett. He comes from Norway, lives in Berlin, runs the Sex Tags Mania and related labels with his brother Fett Burger, loves to play long sets and that’s about all the information out there.

That should be enough though, right? Especially when his music does the talking. He knocks out a serious amount of it as well – ranging from dub reggae and jungle to percussive house and techno – becoming one of the electronic music’s most exciting and singular voices in the process. There’s a lot of soul in his music and most of his productions instantly sound like classics.

There are definitely bigger Sotofett / Sex Tags fans out there than myself to talk shite here – I don’t love everything, especially when it veers into the jungle territory – but these 5 records alone should be enough to win you round..

I had noticed a bit of hype around Sotofett and Sex Tags for a while, but didn’t really pay too much attention at the beginning – until I heard this beauty on Edinburgh’s inimitable Firecracker label, and immediately became a convert.

The title alone says it all – perfect 5 am number. Which isn’t really much use in Glasgow, but does the job on the warm up just as well.

Ultimate combination with these two teaming up. Gilb’r runs one of my all time favourite labels, Versatile (who have recently celebrated their 20th birthday). He also produces both under his own name and as Chateau Flight (with I:Cube). Sometimes the concept of a collaboration is enough to get you excited and this delivers. There’s more on the way too.

This feels familiar in an early 90’s house way and is one of those records that goes on and on and doesn’t get tired.

So I was already an admirer and then Honest Jon’s drops his Drippin’ for a Tripp album at the start of last year and it’s a real piece of work! Formed in collaboration with a bunch of good people including Lauer, Jaakko Eino Kalevi and Gilb’r, DfaT has everything going for it – from spacey new age stuff to the sublime Nondo – just listen to that vocal! Beautiful. No surprise that it was riding high on the album of the year lists of last year. Do yourself a favour and seek it out.

Adv tickets on sale HERE, then more on the door from 11pm.

20:47 • 5 May 16