Up The Road with Miss Honey Dijon

Harri and Domenic are delighted that Miss Honey Dijon is joining them once again for another generous and jacking Subculture jam down. The Chi town native plays some of the freshest parties in the world, from the Panorama Bar to A Club Called Rhonda, all the while seducing the masses with her unique mix of disco, house and techno. Just how we like it round here.

Honey invited us up the road for some after hours listening…

1. Wally Badarou – Chief Inspector

I like sexy vibes at after parties. After banging the tunes out for a few hours I feel like an after party should be all about pulling, drinking, shagging, and all around good fun.

2. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It

Old School hip hop always sounds great. I love to hear this in the background when everyone is in the kitchen talking shit. Ace tune.

3. Biddu Orchestra – Humanity

Love this track. In fact I remember hearing this early in the morning at warehouse parties. Such a feel good tune and a bit balearic.

4. Dee-Lite – Who Was That?

One of the best dance albums ever and I love the sense of humor of this track. When did dance music get so serious. We need more shit like this!

5. Candido – Thousand Finger Man

Just one of the most beautiful disco tunes ever made. The piano intro is just heavenly. Break out the spliffs!

6. Jean Carne – Was That All There Was

So silky and delicious. The vocal is just so mesmerizing. I would love to do a night where I just played music at this tempo and with this vibe.

7. The Pasedenas – Round & Round (MAW remix)

Much slept on and overlooked MAW classic introduced to me in A Derrick Carter mix that was a benefit for him when his house caught fire many moons ago. Will never forget that set as long as I live.

8. Sade – Snake Bite

The B Side to the 12 inch of Smooth Operator. Jesus. Makes me cum every time I hear it!

9. Steely Dan – Josie

One of my favorite albums in the world is Aja by Steely Dan. I listen to this album at least 3 times a week.

10. Angela Bofill – The Moon And Over The Sky

So fucking chic and elegant. If I ever get married this will be my wedding song and honeymoon tune.

We’re all set to get moving…
Advance tickets for Saturday are on sale HERE or from RA, then more on the door from 11pm.

12:54 • 5 May 16