6 Degrees of Kevin Dorward – January at Subculture


1991, what a glorious year. We all remember 1991 right? The internet on which you are reading this, was invented. The poll tax was abolished. Bryan Adams’s ‘Everything I Do’ spent 16 weeks at number 1 (which still holds the record for the longest un-broken run at the top of the charts) and M-People played their 2nd only gig in Sub Club Fast forward a couple of years to 93 and James “Harri” Harrigan had already cemented himself in the Glasgow clubbing scene with a Saturday residency at Atlantis in Sub Club alongside the guys from Slam and had even produced a remix for M-People.




The Saturday night we all know and love, Subculture, was formed but a year later with Domenic Cappello joining the ranks alongside Harri & Oscar Fullone and 2/3 still remain to this day. Having built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over all those years, Domenic lends a hand in the running of Sub Club’s record label Nautilus Rising alongside resident Telford. 2 releases already under their belt, Nautilus are going from strength to strength with NR03 due out 30th January 2017 and much more to come later this year. Both Harri & Domenic are no strangers to music production and releases themselves. Harri’s son, Jasper, has followed in his old man’s footsteps and stepped into the world of music.

Jasper released his 2nd EP, ZTRK1, on Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom Records in 2015 which featured a remix by Optimo’s JD Twitch.

Not exactly a stranger to remix’s (check out his discography), Twitch remixed ‘Charles Hayward – Lopside‘ released on “ΚΕΜΑΛ”, the French sub-label of “Berceuse Heroique” back in 2013. Mark Forshaw released ‘The Fuck‘ on Berceuse Heroique and more recently released on Glasgow Label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams (DABJ) with ‘In Basements Vol 1&2




Dixon Avenue are a relatively new label, conceived back in 2012 and run by Dan “Monox” Lurinsky and Kenny “The Wasp” Grieve. Albeit it still in its infancy, fear not, these 2 have bags of experience having run the MNX Recordings label and techno night Monox at the now sadly defunct Soundhaus, housed in the old Bilsland biscuit factory. DABJ are constantly releasing bangerz from the likes of Denis Sulta, Fear-E, Big Miz and Marquis Hawkes respectively. Hawkes, a pseudonym of Mark Hawkins released ‘Carbrini-Green‘ (named after a Chicago housing estate) on DABJ in 2012 before going on to release ‘Outta This Hood‘ on Clone Jack For Daze, a sub-label of Clone in 2014. Also releasing on Clone Jack For Daze was Geeman with ‘Bang’t / Fire Extinguisher‘. Geeman remixed Martin Landsky ‘1000 miles’ along with Laurent Garnier (who this week received the French legion of honour for his services to music). Back in 2003, Garnier mixed a compilation called Excess Luggage which featured a track by Domenic Cappello under his Hutton Drive guise called ‘It’s Dark But I’m Not Afraid‘.




Both Harri & Domenic have had multiple releases/remix’s like this edit of ‘Apache Indian – Chok There’ by Harri and this jazzy wee number from Domenic Cappello on 20:20 Vision. Also appearing on 20:20 vision was Mark Broom with ‘Take Me Home‘ and going back to that 51 track Laurent Garnier compilation I mentioned earlier, it also features Mark Broom and Moby.

Now Moby got a mention in November’s 6º post but I couldn’t pass this one up. In 1992 Moby went on tour with The Prodigy (aptly named after a Moog synth), I know, both awesome acts but different characters all together right? But Moby had done a remix of ‘Everybody in the place‘ so their musical interests were obviously somewhat similar. Thats probably where the similarities end though, as when on tour it was apparent they didn’t get on and had a major bust up because “Moby was complaining that The Prodigy were taking mushrooms and smoking weed and he was getting high through the air conditioning…. the dick” It would appear Moby’s presence ultimately became a firestarter (see what I did there) and they parted ways. Not to worry, The Prodigy went on to become arguably the most influential dance music act in the UK. Their 2004 track ‘Girls‘ sampled DTrain ‘You’re the One for Me‘ and similarly Peggy Gou sampled DTrain ‘Keep On‘ with her track ‘Day Without Yesterday‘.




Hailing from Seoul, Peggy Gou hit 2016 like a tonne of bricks. Out of nowhere this Korean born, London schooled, Berlin residing DJ and producer has released 2 EP’s and is getting bookings left right and centre. Peggy’s production skills are aided by the fact she got one on one Ableton lessons off of Esa Williams whilst living in London which led her to pursue a career in music as opposed to a regular 9-5 job. Local boy Jackmaster is an avid fan of Gou after going to a gig of her’s in Bristol and ultimately inviting her to play his Mastermix series in Glasgow/Dublin/London. After listening to productions like ‘Jen High‘ and ‘Gou Talk‘ its easy to see the appeal behind Peggy.


15:02 • 5 Jan 17