Sun 26 May

Spirit ࿓ Ben UFO, Pariah & Bake ࿓ Sub Club ࿓ 26.05.24 ࿓ 11-4am

“After all these years, the only way I could possibly present music is with love, whether playing records or putting a night of music together…” is what Craig had to say about the length of time he has been DJing and the relationship that has with his curatorial practice. A deep thank you to everyone on the dancefloor in March. Dedicated to Cristian Bagel, the next edition of this project is something I have been looking forward to for a long time. Endless accolades follow both of these guests, but what means the most to me is that they are my very good friends and I think this relationship is the big key for what can possibly take place on the dancefloor come May. Additionally, this dance will take place on a Sunday, a rare opportunity for Spirit in our little city and I think that is pretty sick! Ben, Arthur and myself will see you then! Love, Bake <3