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Illyus & Barrientos i AM 6th Birthday chart

Now as we enter into September, our Tuesday night team i AM are getting ready to celebrate their 6th Birthday, and as they have old mates Illyus & Barrientos poping round for a visit tonight they asked them to send over a 6 tune chart of stuff that’s going to be tickling your pickles tonight, or has done so in the past.

1. Mia Dora – After the Dog
Some fuckin tune from the boys. No need to say more apart from ‘alright now here we go’

2. Alexander O’neal – Criticise

There’s a sneaky edit of this that comes with us everywhere. One for the i AM crew.

3. Butch – Dope
Obviously a massive tune now but it reminds us of Kappa. We played it ages ago in the Subbie, Kappa came running over ‘what the fuck is that’

4. Illyus & Barrientos – ………. We’re bringing a pile of new records to test out. Thumbs up or down!

5. Stacy Kidd – Disco Feet Feel Good!

6. Eli Escobar – Chaka Khan
This guy can do no wrong at the moment. Compared to his other tunes this ones an unexpected darker change. Bangin!”

14:20 • 6 Sep 16