Kompakt is a label we have always loved & respected, and we are sure we’re not the only ones who follow their artists and releases.  July’s guest is one of our standout favourites from the Cologne based imprint. This coming Thursday Trouw resident Patrice Bäumel comes to Dont Drop for his Glasgow debut. Having been a stalwart on the label for several years now he’s one artist that we fell in love with straight away. His sets are excitingly abundant of emotion, surprises and feel good factors, safe to say he will take us on a musical journey, a style in which defines us.

Undoubtedly the Subbie’s body-sonic dancefloor has hosted many a memorable debut and this one we are sure will stand in high regard among them.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made it along to our third birthday in May. Your energy on the night was amazing and everyone including D’julz left with a huge smile on his face. We hope to see more of the same happy faces again this time around.

We were lucky enough to have a chance to speak to Patrice ahead of the show, for that we thank him for opening up his mind and heart to us.

1. Hi Patrice, we hope you’re well and having a great 2016 so far, thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, we appreciate that. First off, we’d like to dig a bit deeper about what originally inspired you to produce music, when did you know this was what you wanted to do? And where do you find your inspiration from now?

I had been DJn for many years before making the jump into production, I simply did not believe I was cut out for it. What really changed my outlook was participating in the Red Bull Music Academy in Sao Paulo in 2002. I got my first one-on-one production lesson and was immediately hooked. Today I feel like I am having more fun in the studio than ever before. I draw inspiration from multiple sources, basically anything that switches me on and makes me feel alive. Good art, great parties, psychedelic experiences, being in nature, physical activity and good sleep – there lies creative energy hidden in all of these things.

2. What’s been the biggest turning points in your musical journey so far?

Realising that it’s not about me but about serving the people in front of me, about connecting with them and sharing the love. Although I am still a long way from overcoming my ego, just making the step into the right direction is giving me so much positive vibes and sense of purpose.

3. What’s your top 3 tracks to play out right now and why?

Moby – Lie down in Darkness (Chris Liebing Remix)

I dug this one out from the depths of Beatport, it’s an older production. Good techno is unstoppable almost anywhere I play right now and this belter adds that extra dimension of cinematic beauty.

Kiano & His Legion – Electric (Fatima Yamaha Remix)

This floater is just so beautiful, it makes my heart ache. A gentle endorphin rush and devastatingly effective when dropped at the right moment. I know I will love this record forever.

Betoko – Solarium

A feel good bomb that slays every dancefloor. Clubs, festivals, it does not matter. Gets people grinning from ear to ear.

4. What’s your views on the state of current clubbing? Do you think it’s heading in a good or bad direction?

Clubbing is always in flux, it is impossible to make an all-encompassing statement. I don’t like what happens on the big festival circuit, where the same tired line-ups are regurgitated to the masses over and over, out of fear of not selling enough tickets for the often oversized venues. Art is being drowned in a sea of ultra-commercialism with omnipresent sponsorship logos and visitors being fleeced to the max. What amazes me the most is how little movement there is on the dancefloor of many of these festivals. Hello, we’re here to dance, aren’t we?

On the other side there is a growing movement of initiatives that totally rejects this attitude. Smaller scale festivals like Desert Hearts in the States or Noisily in the UK actively involve everybody and blur the lines between spectator and artists to the point that everybody is an artist and feels encouraged to express themselves creatively. That stuff really excites me. It is the Burning Man DNA slowly manifesting itself around the world. I think this, unlike politics, could be the source of real positive change in our society. It’s about celebrating what unites us all, not fighting over what divides us. This movement will only grow in strength as this is what people really need.

5. What’s the most magical memory you have whilst playing to a crowd?

Too many to pick one out. Every time the energy and connection with the crowd is so strong that I feel more like a medium than a DJ is special. I am talking about those gigs where the records seem to magically pick themselves and the understanding with everybody in the room is telepathic.

13511061_1165078233534758_4293915718380333627_nIMAGE: FACEBOOK

6. Do you have any funny moments that have happened while playing?

I am sure I have but that stuff does not stay in my memory for long, I am always focussed on what’s ahead and don’t linger too much in the past.

7. What production of yours defines who you are the most?

Like every human being I also contain multitudes, and who I am oscillates between different extremes. I like the really brutal, abstract side in me just as much as the loving, soothing side. Two tracks that encompass this duality perfectly are “Mike Tyson” and “This World”.

8. What’s is it really like being a part of the Kompakt family?

I love being around grown-ups who operate far away from the daily hype of the house scene. There is an air of trust between all of us and I feel super supported in my artistic choices. Michael Mayer and Jon Berry are very knowledgeable A&R’s and bring out the best in me creatively.

9. Describe to us a typical day in your life now?

Sleep until 8am, then get cracking in the studio straight away and work until 2pm. That’s when my creative energy is usually spent and I go walk the dog. Afterwards I do my non-creative paperwork and email stuff. Dinner around 6pm, then family time with my wife. On a good day I’ll also hit the gym around 10pm for an hour. I refuse to work under stress and really aim to keep a leisurely pace throughout the day – that’s when I do my best work. Weekends are a bit more hectic, which usually turns Monday into my Sunday.

13516500_1163751510334097_4893334135817537565_nIMAGE: FACEBOOK

10. What do you predict for the next 10 years in electronic music?

It all depends on technological advances, mainly in the field of interfacing between man and machine. The process of making music right now is still really mechanical. Once we can make music using mind control or at least oculus rift type 3d control, music will explode creatively and we will move away from the constant referencing the past like we are doing now towards a far more abstract and less unified approach of making music. Electronic music will once again ride on the edge of what’s possible. I also think that the unstoppable rise of psychedelics will impact music heavily and help us push beyond the restraints of our human brain. Exciting times ahead! 

11. Finally, for our random question of the day, if you could create a sport what would it be? What would you call it?

It would be a sport that encourages us to use our physical capabilities in such a way that it whips us into shape on all fronts – stamina, mobility, strength, coordination. Something that places us in a super-stimulating virtual reality game with our real bodies as controllers. We would be discovering worlds far beyond our imagination and not compete against each other but team up with each other. The whole experience would have to be so compelling that it never feels like hardship but like a treat. The end result would be super healthy human beings with balanced bodies and souls, which again would end all negativity coming from the human race, simply because we would feel happy the way we are. I would call it “Manimal”.

Thank you Patrice, it has been an absolute pleasure and we are looking forward to having you.

Advance tickets for Thursday at Sub Club are on sale HERE, then more on the door from 11pm.


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06:49 • 26 Jul 16