Hi to Hi & Saberhägen

Huntleys and Palmers are heavy excited to welcome talented youngster, Baba Stiltz for his first appearance in Scotland. His outstanding debut album ‘Total’ on Studio Barnhus is one of the best they’ve heard in a long time and he’s been smashing it ever since with subsequent releases on Unknown To The Unknown and Public Possession.

On Thursday he’s joined by upstarts, Hi & Saberhägen who have recently announced that they will follow up their debut H+P release with a new EP on Anthony Naples esteemed Proibito label. They’ve been championed by everyone from Joy O to Roman Flügel, we anticipate more great things to come. Splendid stuff.

H&P caught up with their main players ahead of Thursday…

You recently made your debut appearance on the Boiler Room. How was that experience for you? Are the masks going to be a regular feature?

The Boiler Room experience was pretty chilled, we knew the director and speaking to him before hand took away any kind of reservations we had. Everything was well organised and everyone else on the lineup were friends. 
The masks were just there to take our minds off any dumb concentration faces we might have been pulling. I reckon it helped with switching off from the cameras and locking into our set. It probably won’t be any kind of permanent feature in our performances but personally we think the job of of a DJ should be one of anonymity. 

The two of you have quite an interesting process when making music, can you tell us a bit about that?

Our tracks are usually built through recording long sessions then slicing and sampling within those recordings to create coherent passages. Occasionally a sample from a record will be the basis of layering multiple tracks but once the song is fleshed out the original sample has to be cut out. Finding a starting point when making music can be the hardest thing and we find this is a pretty useful and fast way of working.

You’ve also both recently moved from Glasgow to Edinburgh, what’s all that about?

Moving to Edinburgh was for practical reasons as we play regularly at Sneaky Pete’s and Headset. Glasgow clubbing scene is quite extraordinary but we felt there wasn’t any room for us. There’s a lot of competition and it’s hard to get involved without being out almost every night. Eventually we’d like to get involved with a Glasgow club residency but for the immediate future our best friends are in Edinburgh and being around them makes us happy and creative.

What’s your most used emoji?

What’s happening over the summer?

We got another couple releases coming up for over the summer. We contributed a track to a Permanent Vacation compilation and have our next EP forthcoming on Yumé records which has apparently already been doing the rounds in some great DJ sets.

Advance tickets are on sale HERE, then more on the door from 11pm…

20:56 • 25 May 16