In conversation with Cinthie

Tell us about your relationship with Electronic music / House Music growing up. Or of course music in general?

I’ve always been a big music fan, but I fell in love with danke or electronic music in the early 90ies. I had older cousins who went raving in Frankfurt and they gave me a tape from a guy called “Sven” ( Sven Väth ) and I really loved it. I still have the tape, I just found it while cleaning up. Once I was old enough to go out myself , I started a proper raver career. We were rave tourists and went to pretty much all the cool clubs in the 90ies in Germany and also France and Switzerland. It was so much fun. I have admit I was not really old enough at the age of 16 but luckily taller then all my older friends, so I never had a problem to get in. Ever since I feel kinda married to house music. It’s been my first love and I will never leave it.


It can often be the case that there is one club, one dancefloor moment or one experience that changes everything. Tell us about it?

Phew that’s a tough question. There have been many great moments on the dance floor of course but I think it has been somewhere late 90ies when I just started playing myself and I had a small room dancing to my tunes, that was something. I felt really happy and free and knew this is what I will always do in my life. Either as a hobby or full time.


You spend a lot of time in night clubs. You would probably be as good a person as any to design one. What must be included, what must be omitted?

What I really love about nightclubs is, when they are small and cozy, like 300 or 400 capacity. This is where my music works best. I love the minimalism of Galerie Kurzweil or Robert Johnson or Blitz Club. So I would definitely put the DJ booth at the front but with a cap towards the wall behind it, so people can stand there or cross. I love it. Also the DJ booth has to be on the same level as the crowd, so there can be some hedonism created. Bar at the other end please and a really good sound system that massages your belly with the base and is soft in the highs. I think that s pretty much it.. oh and please no strobe.


We give you a situation you give us a track  –

• The world is ending. This will be the last track ever.

• Aliens have landed. You have the chance to play them one record.

• It’s Sunday afternoon at home. The sun is shining through the window. You have no plans for the day.

• This record never leaves your bag. In fact you might take it out soon as you play it too much.

• This record is rarely in your bag, but you’ve been meaning to put it in, because it sounds so good.

• Your guilty pleasure record. One that you don’t normally share. But deep down you love it.

11:17 • 31 Jan 20