In conversation with Trikk


Trikk has been on our hit list for some time now, as over the last few years his own unique sound has truly found a home on the Subbie dancefloor with his productions often making their way into the sets of his Innervisions cohorts or indeed our own residents. So we are delighted to finally have him join Harri & Domenic for Subculture.


Can you remember a defining track, album or moment which sparked your love for electronic music?
My earliest memory that made me look into electronic music wasn’t electronic nor any music in particular, it was my friends at the time playing percussion and random rhythms on it, that triggered a necessity of wanting to record them and manipulate those sounds and from there evolved till now (But surely I was subconsciously inspired by radio and everything around me).


You have connections to your hometown Porto, Berlin and London. Out of the 3, what one is your favorite place to play and why?
Difficult to correlate all 3, as they are completely different in culture and clubbing scene, but I would say I had a more impactful club experience in London, not only playing but also as a listener.


If you reach a creative block when producing, what is your remedy? Do you search for inspiration or do you let the inspiration find you?
Naivety made me wait for inspiration before, right now I chase it. The only difference is that I realised making music it’s not just about talent and waiting for melodies and rhythmic patterns to come around, it has a whole lot to do with grit and commitment. Showing up day after day – the mundanity of excellence. I would also add limitation as another form to prevent creative block, as right now we have endless possibilities either hardware or software, I limit/constrain myself to the number of choices I can have.


Do you have any expectations for your first night in/return to the Sub Club basement?
I’m really looking forward to my first time at Sub Club, over the years I only heard amazing stories about it, since I was living in London in 2012 that I wanted to play.


We give you a situation you give us a track…


• The world is ending. This will be the last track ever.

• Aliens have landed. You have the chance to play them one record.

• It’s Sunday afternoon at home. The sun is shining through the window. You have no plans for the day.

• This record never leaves your bag. In fact, you might take it out soon as you play it too much.


Junesex – Worst Than Love (Gilb’r Chateau Flight Remix)


• This record is rarely in your bag, but you’ve been meaning to put it in because it sounds so good.

• Your guilty pleasure record. One that you don’t normally share. But deep down you love it.
(Not really a guilty pleasure, but I don’t normally share it)

13:32 • 8 Feb 20